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About Language-Independent Code

The list of values table contains the following columns:

  • Display Value
  • Language Independent Code

Monolingual and multilingual lists of values display values from the Display Value column. If the user chooses a value in a list, then the actual value that Siebel CRM stores in the Siebel database is different for monolingual and multilingual lists of values:

  • A monolingual list stores the display value.
  • A multilingual list stores the language-independent code.

Language-independent code (LIC) is a mechanism that allows Siebel CRM to do the following:

  • Store data in a form that a user working in another language can retrieve
  • Roll up of data for management reports regardless of the language of the user who enters the data

Table 70 describes an example of how language-independent code works. In this example, a multilingual list displays the Display Value of Mr., Seņor, or Herr, depending on the active language of the user. The list stores the value Mr. in the Siebel database because Mr. is the value that is defined in the Language Independent Code column.

Table 70. Example of How Language-Independent Code Works
Display Value
Language-Independent Code







NOTE:  The language-independent code value for predefined list of values data is typically the same as the American-English version.

Because you define an MLOV on a column basis, the columns that are not configured for multilingual continue to store display values instead of language-independent codes.

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