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Guidelines for Configuring an Object for High Interactivity

If you deploy Siebel CRM in high interactivity, then use the following guidelines:

  • Siebel CRM supports browser scripting in high interactivity.
  • For a field to interpret and display custom HTML, such as a URL that the user enters, you must set the Type property of the field to URL. If it is not set to URL, then Siebel CRM presents and interprets the HTML as plain text. For example, if the user types a URL in a field of type TEXT, then Siebel CRM does not recognize the URL as a link to a Web page.
  • You cannot modify the appearance of the rich text editor.
  • You cannot modify the background and text color of a list applet.
  • You cannot place a control that calls a method, such as the delete function, on every row in a list. Instead, place a button in the applet that calls the method. This way, the function acts on the chosen record.
  • There are situations where the configuration file for the Siebel application sets Siebel CRM to run in high interactivity, and all the applets in a view are configured to support high interactivity, but Siebel CRM displays the view in standard interactivity. To remedy this situation, take the following actions:
    • Do not explicitly set an applet to Query mode. Because high interactivity implicitly supports a query operation from the Siebel client, it does not support explicit use of the Query mode. For more information, see Options to Control How the User Creates, Edits, Queries, and Deletes CRM Data.
    • Deactivate any New template that is associated with an applet that you use in a high interactivity application. Siebel CRM then uses the Edit template as the default value to create new records. A problem can occur if one of the applets is in the New mode and uses a New template that is different from the Edit template that Siebel CRM uses in default mode.
    • Disallow any multirow edit or multirow select for the list applets.
    • Do not use a hierarchical list applet in the view.
    • Do not use the style layout of a catalog for an employee application. If the view uses a template that displays applets in the style layout of a catalog, then Siebel CRM might display the view in standard activity.
    • Do not use a combo box list that uses Long Lists or includes an associated pick applet. For example, if the user performs an action from a high interactivity applet that causes a pick applet to display, then the pick applet is not displayed in high interactivity.
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