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JavaScript Usage in High Interactivity

JavaScript is an interpreted language that runs in many Web browsers. You can use it to customize browser behavior. Objects that represent the applet, business component, business service, and application object types exist in the browser address space as JavaScript objects and provide communication with the Siebel Server. These object types are the same object types that Siebel CRM instantiates in the browser. Initially, Siebel CRM passes these objects to the Siebel Web Engine, but also provides caching and other local processing. Siebel CRM uses the following JavaScript objects:

  • Browser Applet. Provides a way to communicate and interact between applet controls.
  • Browser Buscomp. Provides a way to interact with business components. For example, the browser business component updates the state of browser applets as values that change in the underlying business component. These updates are due to master and detail views, calculated values, and certain behavior.
  • Browser Business Service. Provides a set of methods from browser scripts that you define. You can reuse a browser business service.
  • Browser Application. Provides a framework for Siebel CRM. In a browser application, you can create a method that is not specific to a business component or that calls a method on the Siebel Server.

You can script an instance of a browser applet, browser business component, browser business service, and browser application. For more information, see Creating a Script to Customize Siebel CRM.

Figure 4 illustrates how different components of Siebel CRM interact. Siebel CRM shares certain business component logic with the browser, Siebel Web Engine, and the Object Manager. Siebel CRM shares certain Web applet logic between all HTML clients. Browser logic is the only part that is specific to a browser.

Figure 4. JavaScript Usage in High Interactivity
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Siebel CRM maintains these browser JavaScript objects in synchronization with their server counterparts so that changes to the browser or server objects are reflected in their corresponding objects. Siebel CRMSiebel CRM performs application processing among the browser objects. Using the remote procedure call protocol, Siebel CRM activates the Siebel Server if the Siebel Server requires data or new layouts. The Siebel Server can also use the notifications protocol to initiate an action on the browser.

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