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About Siebel Objects

This chapter describes Siebel objects. It includes the following topics:

A Siebel object definition is the metadata that defines a Siebel application. Siebel object definitions define user interface elements that Siebel CRM includes in the Siebel client, business entities, and the Siebel CRM database organization. The Siebel Repository is a set of database tables that stores these object definitions. Examples of types of objects include applets, views, business components, and tables. You use Oracle's Siebel Tools to create or modify an object definition.

An object definition includes properties, which are qualities of the software construct that the object defines. For example, the properties of a database column includes the name, data type, and length of the column.

NOTE:  The terms Siebel Business Applications and Siebel CRM are used interchangeably throughout this document.

How Siebel Tools Represents Relationships Between Objects

A parent-child relationship is a hierarchical relationship that defines a relationship between object definitions. Siebel Tools displays child objects of the parent-child relationship if you expand an object type in the Object Explorer. For example, if you expand the applet object type, then Siebel Tools displays the following child object types:

  • Applet method menu item
  • Applet browser script
  • Applet server script
  • Applet toggle

A parent-child relationship between object definitions implies that the child object definition is in, or belongs to the parent object definition. It does not imply inheritance between object definitions. The set of properties of a parent object is not related to the set of properties of a child object.

For more information about the Object Explorer and the Object List Editor, see Using Siebel Tools.

NOTE:  Terms such as object, property, or class describe the Siebel CRM metadata. These terms do not describe corresponding terms in object-oriented programming.

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