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Overview of the Physical User Interface Layer

The physical user interface layer includes physical files, such as templates, Siebel tags, style sheets, and other metadata that reference files. These files control the layout and the look and feel of the Siebel client. The physical user interface layer separates definitions for style and layout from user interface objects in the Siebel repository. This separation allows you to define definitions for style and layout across multiple objects of the Siebel client. For more information, see Siebel Developer's Reference.

For more information about configuring Siebel CRM, see Developing a Plan to Control File Versions for the Physical User Interface Layer.

Siebel Web Template

A Siebel Web template (SWT) is an HTML file that defines the layout and format of elements that Siebel CRM displays in the Siebel client. Elements include views, applets, controls, and so forth. The template provides this layout information to the Siebel Web Engine (SWE) when the engine renders Siebel repository objects into HTML files. Siebel CRM then displays these HTML files in the Siebel client. For more information, see About Siebel Web Templates.

Siebel Tag

A Siebel tag is a special tag in a template file. A tag specifies how a Siebel object is defined in the Siebel repository and how it must be laid out and formatted in the HTML page that Siebel CRM renders in the Web browser. For more information, see About Siebel Tags.

Cascading Style Sheet

A cascading style sheet (CSS) is a style sheet document that defines how Siebel CRM displays HTML or XML elements and their contents in a Web document. It includes typographical and format information on how Siebel CRM displays the Web page, such as the text font. It controls the look and feel of user interface elements. A cascading style sheet gives you control over the appearance of the page. For more information, see Customizing Web Templates to Render Menus, Toolbars, and Thread Bars.

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