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Developing a Plan to Control File Versions for the Physical User Interface Layer

This topic describes how to manage modifications that your development team makes to the physical user interface. Because you do not configure the physical user interface layer in Siebel Tools, you cannot use the Siebel Tools check out and check in feature to manage web templates, JavaScript files, and style sheets, which are files that are part of the physical user interface layer. If multiple developers simultaneously modify these files, then follow the recommendations described in this topic. For more information, see Overview of the Physical User Interface Layer.

The description in this topic is appropriate for most projects. For more information, see Getting Help from Oracle.

To develop a plan to control file versions for the physical user interface layer

  • Assign a single developer or group to manage web templates, JavaScript files, and style sheets. Make sure all changes are made by this individual or group, which is solely responsible for releasing amended files to the Siebel Web Server environment.
  • Use version control software to manage changes to web templates, JavaScript files, and style sheets. PVCS (Polytron Version Control System) is an example of source control software. This technique makes sure that only a single individual amends these files at any time. It also provides an audit trail of changes.
  • If source control software is not available, then use manual controls that allow a structured release. Assign an individual or group that is responsible for all amendments to physical user interface files and their subsequent release.
  • Use a separate directory structure for each release that includes subfolders for the various objects that are released. Copy all amended physical user interface files that are included in the release to the appropriate subfolder.

    The date on which a file is amended serves as an indication for which web templates or JavaScript library files you must release to users. Therefore, it is necessary to use central release folders or to copy changed or new objects to these folders. A web template is an example of a changed or new object.

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