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Creating a List of Values

A list of values is a set of values that Siebel CRM uses to enter values in a static list. If the user chooses a static list, then Siebel CRM displays a list of values. The user can choose a value from the list to cause Siebel CRM to enter values into the field.

Siebel CRM stores the values in a list of values as records in the S_LST_OF_VAL table. A given list of values includes the following parts:

  • Header Row. Defines the name of the type grouping. For example, the first row in Table 55. This type grouping name is the value of the Display Value property, such as ACCOUNT_STATUS. Although the row includes a Display Value property, Siebel CRM does not display the header row in the list of values. The Display Value property for a header row defines only the name for the list of values. It does not display any strings in the Siebel client.
  • Display Value Rows. Includes the values that Siebel CRM displays in a list that references the list of values. The rows in Table 55 where Type is ACCOUNT_STATUS are examples of display value rows. These rows contain the display values that Siebel CRM displays in the Siebel client. The Type property for each display value row is ACCOUNT_STATUS, which is the same as the Display Value of the Header Row.

The Type field groups List of Value records. For example, the Type value is ACCOUNT_STATUS for values that are included in the Status field of the Account Entry Applet.

A picklist object includes a Type property that identifies the LOV Type that is associated with the list. In the Siebel client, Siebel CRM reads this information to determine which list of values to display for a given list. For more information, see About Static Lists.

Table 55 lists the values that belong to the LOV Type defined as ACCOUNT_STATUS.

Table 55. Example Values from the ACCOUNT_STATUS LOV Table
Display Value











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