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Associating an Organization with a List of Values

You can define a list of values to display for some organizations but not for other organizations. For example, assume your company includes several subsidiary companies and each subsidiary is defined as an organization in your Siebel deployment. For a given list, you can display a different list of values for each member of each organization. To do this, you associate each list of values to a specific organization.

For example, the organization associated with the active position of a user might be Org ABC, but the primary organization that is associated with the record that the user is viewing might be Org XYZ. In this situation, Siebel CRM displays the list of values that are associated with Org XYZ.

For more information, see Guidelines for Associating an Organization with a List of Values. For more information about organizations and access control, see Siebel Security Guide.

To associate an organization with a list of values

  1. In the Siebel client, choose the site map, click Administration - Data, and then click LOV Explorer.

    Siebel CRM displays the LOV types in a tree. You can expand each LOV type to view the LOV values that are associated with each LOV type.

  2. In the List of Values - Type list, query the Type field for the LOV type that requires LOV values that are specific to the organization.
  3. Click the Organization field, and then click Select.
  4. In the Organizations dialog box, choose the organizations you must add, click Add, and then click OK.
  5. In the LOV explorer, expand the Types folder, and then expand the Values folder.
  6. In the List of Values list, create a set of LOV values for each organization:
    1. In the List of Values list, click New.
    2. Enter a value in the Display Name field and Code field.

      The code is typically the same as the display name.

    3. Choose an organization to associate with the LOV value.
    4. Repeat Step a through Step c for each LOV value that you must associate with an organization.

      You can associate each LOV value with only one organization. If you must associate a given value with more than one organization, then you must create a duplicate value for each organization.

      If a LOV Value is not associated to an organization, then it is available to all organizations, except those organizations that are associated with the LOV Type in Step 4.

  7. Click Clear Cache.

    The list of values changes take effect after you clear the cache.

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