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Troubleshooting a View That Siebel CRM Does Not Display in the Siebel Client

To resolve a problem with a view that Siebel CRM does not display in the Siebel client, look for it in the list of Diagnostic Steps or Cause column in Table 36.

Table 36. Problems with a View That Siebel CRM Does Not Display in the Siebel Client
Diagnostic Steps or Cause

The view does not exist in the SRF file. The spelling of the view name does not match the view name in the SRF file.

A view name that is not spelled correctly when you register the view in the Views view of the Administration - Application screen might cause this problem. Make sure the spelling is correct, then compile the SRF file using the All Projects option.

The view belongs to a screen that is not included in the Siebel application that is currently running.

In Siebel Tools, make sure the screen is defined as a child screen menu item of the Siebel application.

Make sure the name of the Siebel application is spelled correctly in the configuration file of the Siebel application.

The view is not included in one of the responsibilities for the user who is currently logged in.

Use the Administration - User screen, Employees view to determine which responsibilities are assigned to the user.

Use the Administration - Application screen, Responsibilities view to determine to include or not include the view.

The view is hidden using personalization rules.

Use the Administration - Personalization screen, Views view to determine if the view is hidden. For testing purposes, you can also switch off the EnablePersonalization parameter in the configuration file for Siebel Tools. For more information, see Setting Up the Configuration File for Siebel Tools.

Siebel CRM does not display the view in the menu or in the view tabs. The user must drill down from another view to access the view.

In Siebel Tools, make sure the Screen Menu property of the View object is TRUE. It must be TRUE in order for Siebel CRM to include the view in the Site Map.

Make sure the view is included in a screen and that the Viewbar Text property of the Screen View child object of the screen is set appropriately.

Make sure the Visibility Applet and Visibility Applet Type properties of the view are set correctly. For more information, see Siebel Security Guide.

The view does not belong to the same business object as the default view for the screen.

Make sure the view references the same business object.

Siebel CRM does not translate the screen menu item or page tab into the appropriate language.

Make sure a translated string is available for each language for each screen menu item and each screen menu item locale. If a translated string is not available, then Siebel CRM does not display the screen in the Site Map.

For a page tab to display, the page tab must include a translated string and a page tab locale that contains the appropriate language code.

For example, if Siebel CRM runs in Norwegian, then the Language Code property of the screen menu item locale and page tab locale must be NOR.

For more information, see Localizing Siebel Business Applications.

The view is not available because of an upgrade problem.

If you performed an upgrade, then examine the log files that Siebel CRM created during the upgrade to make sure the upgrade was successful. These log files are located in the DBSERVER_ROOT\DB_PLATFORM directory.

The view is not included in your license keys.

Make sure the view is included in your license keys. Send the license keys to Oracle for examination. For more information, see Article ID 475818.1 on My Oracle Support. This document was previously published as Siebel Alert 41.

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