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Using the Views List to Create a View

You can use the Views list to create a new view. However, it is recommended that you use the New View Wizard because the wizard prompts you for all necessary information and automatically defines all the required objects. For more information, see Creating a View.

To use the Views list to define a view

  1. In the Object Explorer, click View.
  2. In the Views list, add a new view, using values from the following table.


    Required. Enter the name of the view. References to the view are defined through the name.

    Business Object

    Required. Enter the name of the business object that the view references. The business object determines the relationship between business components that the applets reference.

    Screen Menu

    If TRUE, then Siebel CRM includes the view in the Site Map.


    Enter a text string. Siebel CRM displays this string in the window title when it renders the view in the Siebel client.

  3. In the Views list, right-click the record, and then choose Edit Web Layout.
  4. In the Select Template dialog box, choose a view web template, and then click Next.
  5. In the Applet dialog box, choose the applets that Siebel CRM must display on the view, and then click Next.
  6. Review your choices, and then click Finish.

    For information about configuring visibility, see Siebel Security Guide.

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