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Customizing the Thread Bar

The thread bar is a navigation device that Siebel CRM displays immediately below the application toolbar. It helps the user track the navigation path among views. For more information, see Using Web Templates to Customize the Thread Bar.

Figure 38 displays the following example of the thread bar:

Opportunity:2013 4700 Desktops - 2500 units > Contact:Carlson > Activity

Figure 38. Example of the Thread Bar

To customize the thread bar

  1. In the Object Explorer, click View.
  2. In the Views list, locate the view you must modify, and then set properties for the view using values from the following table.

    Thread Applet

    The applets in the view that supply a value for the thread field.

    Thread Field

    The name of the field that Siebel Tools displays to the right of the greater than sign (>) in the thread bar. This field is in the business component that the Thread Applet references.

    Thread Title

    The text that Siebel Tools displays to the left of the greater than sign (>) in the thread bar. This text identifies the view. For example, the Thread Title property is Acct for most views that display accounts, such as Account List view and Account Detail - Contacts view.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for each view that requires a thread bar.
  4. Compile and test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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