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Using Web Templates to Customize the Thread Bar

The thread bar includes thread buttons that Siebel CRM displays in the following format:

title: value

You can omit the title or value. Separators separate thread buttons. For example, the greater than symbol (>) is a separator.

If a thread applet or thread field is not defined for a view, then Siebel CRM does not update the thread button when it displays the view.

Table 64 describes how Siebel CRM responds to actions the user performs in the thread bar. For more information, see Customizing the Thread Bar.

Table 64. How Siebel CRM Responds to User Actions in the Thread Bar
User Action
Siebel CRM Response

User requests a new screen.

Siebel CRM creates a new thread to replace the current thread.

User clicks a view button.

Siebel CRM replaces the last thread with the new view that the user requested.


User clicks a drilldown link.

Siebel CRM appends a new step on the thread bar for the view that the user requested.

User clicks a thread button.

Siebel CRM deletes all the thread buttons to the right of the thread button that the user clicked and proceeds to the step view that SWEBMCount indicates.


How Siebel CRM Uses Bookmarks with the Thread Bar

A thread button can display a link that navigates the user to a previous page. The link requires the GotoBookmarkView Siebel Web Engine command. The link for each thread button must contain at least the following parameters:

SWECmd=GotoBookmarkView&SWEBMCount=2SWECount =3


  • SWEBMCount=2 indicates that Siebel CRM uses bookmark number 2 to create the view.
  • SWECount=3 is the bookmark ID for the current view.

For example, Siebel CRM uses the swe tags and thread link format to translate the thread button for the A.K. Parker account into the following HTML format:

<a href = " SWECount=3> Account: AK Parker </a>

If the user clicks the thread button to display a bookmarked view that the user previously accessed, then Siebel CRM creates a new bookmark that identifies the view that is currently displayed. The bookmark ID for the new view is the current swe count increased by 1. The swe count is the count that Siebel CRM passes to the Siebel Server in the request.

Bookmark deletion policy is not modified with the above bookmark ID assignment policy. By default, Siebel CRM keeps the most recently created 20 bookmarks and deletes all other bookmarks. If the swe count in the user request is less than the swe count on the Siebel Server, then Siebel CRM deletes all the bookmarks that contain a swe count that is larger than the swe count in the user request.

Customizing the Thread Bar

You can use the following swe tags to customize an HTML thread bar:

  • swe:threadbar. Defines the start and finish of the thread bar section.
  • swe:threadlink. Defines the definition of a thread button on the thread bar. This tag includes the following properties:
    • FormattedHtml. Display the HTML link.
    • Title. Display the title and value pair of the thread button.
  • swe:stepseparator. Specifies which symbol to display to separate thread buttons.

Use the swe:threadlink and swe:stepseparator tags only in the swe:threadbar tag.

The usage of these swe tags is similar to that of the screen bar and view bar tags.

To customize the thread bar

  • Insert thread bar definitions into a Siebel web template file. Use the swe:threadbar, swe:threadlink, and swe:stepseparator tags. For usage with frames, do the following:
    • Application does not use frames. Insert the definition in a container page. For example, CCPageContainer.swt.
    • Application uses frames. Insert the definition in the Siebel web template file for the Viewbar frame or the View frame.

Example Code to Customize the Thread Bar

The code in this topic creates a thread bar that uses the following format:

Home > Consumer:PCs > PCs:Laptops

The following code provides an example of how to insert thread bar definitions into a Siebel web template file:

  <!-- Begin Threadbar section -->

  <table class="Theadbar" width=100% border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

  <tr valign="left">

<td nowrap bgcolor="#6666CC" width=110>

<img src="images/spacer.gif" width="110" height="25" border="0">


<td width=99%>


<img src="images/spacer.gif" width="10" height="25" border="0" align="absmiddle">

<swe:threadlink property="FormattedHtml">

<font color="#000000"> <span >&nbsp;<nobr><swe:this property="Title"/></nobr>&nbsp;</span> </font>




<img src="images/spacer.gif" width="10" height="25" border="0" align="absmiddle">




  <!-- End Threadbar section -->

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