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Customizing an HTML Control Type

Siebel CRM supports different control types. For example, Check Box, Button, Mail To, Text Area, and so forth. You can add a definition to the SWF (Siebel Web Format) file to define your own HTML type.

Comparison of Using Cascading Style Sheets and Siebel Web Templates to Customize an HTML Control Type

You use a cascading style sheet to define general stylistic information about labels, titles, background colors, and so forth.

You use the cchtmltype.swf file to define more complex attributes that determine the appearance or client functionality of a type of HTML element. For example, a button type that is associated with a specific GIF image, or a type of link that connects the user with an FTP site.

To add qualities to a page element, you can define tags and attributes in the Siebel Web template file. You can also define types in the cchtmltype.swf file that you can reference in Siebel Tools for a specific control on a specific applet web template or web page object. This technique preserves the generality of the Siebel web template by avoiding the need to place HTML directly in the template. Because it reduces customization in the templates and stores more configuration information in the Siebel repository, this technique also reduces maintenance of Siebel CRM.

NOTE:  High interactivity does not support a custom control type that calls a method. For more information, see About Standard Interactivity and High Interactivity.

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