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Creating a New HTML Type

You can create a new HTML type.

To create a new HTML type

  1. Add the name of the new type to the List of Values used for the HTML Type property in Siebel Tools (REPOSITORY_HTML_CTRL_TYPE).

    MiniButton is an example of a name.

  2. Modify one of the SWF files that Siebel CRM uses:
    1. Add the format information for the new type.

      Siebel CRM uses two SWF files. The file you modify must use the SWF extension. It must reside in the same directory as the template files. One file contains the special types that Siebel CRM defines. The other file contains custom definitions that you define to add more types or to override Siebel types.

      Use the swe:htmltype and swe:this tags to define how to render the custom type using the following format:

    <swe:htmltype name="XXX" mode="AAA" state="BBB">

    ..... HTML .....

    <swe:this property="YYY" />

    .... More HTML ....


    1. Set the UserSWFName parameter to the name of the SWF file that the application object manager must use.

      For more information about the application object manager, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

  3. In Siebel Tools, change the HTML Type property of the control, list column, or page item to the new type.
  4. In the template file, use the FormattedHTML property for the swe:control tag or the swe:pageItem tag.
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