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How the Siebel Web Engine Uses a Custom HTML Type

If the HTML type of a control, list column, or page item is a custom type, then the Siebel Web Engine uses the SWF format when it renders any element that is mapped to the control, and that defines the FormattedHtml property. The Siebel Web Engine does not use the format with any other property, such as Display Name. However, in the SWF file, the swe:this tag can reference these properties, except the FormattedHtml property.

Note the following examples:

  • <swe:control id="1" property="FormattedHtml"/>
  • <swe:control id="1"> ... <swe:this property="FormattedHtml"/> ... </swe:control>
  • <swe:pageitem id="1" property="FormattedHtml"/>
  • <swe:pageitem id="1"> ... <swe:this property="FormattedHtml"/> ... </swe:pageitem>

Format Requirements of an SWF File

You must make sure each format specification in an SWF file includes the following parts:

  • An enclosing XML element that names the type and optionally names the mode and state in which Siebel CRM uses the current format
  • The enclosed format content

You must make sure the content format meets the following requirements:

  • It must be a valid, regular Siebel Web Engine format.
  • It can reference all the properties of the current control, except FormattedHtml. To prevent recursion, it cannot reference FormattedHtml.
  • It can use the Data property in the swe:this tag.
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