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Configuring Client-Side Import to Update a Business Component Field

You can use client-side import to update a business component field. Client-side import uses the import functionality of the applet menu in the Siebel client. You use the Import Object object type in Siebel Tools to identify the business component fields into which Siebel CRM enters data.

For an example of how client-side import is configured, in Siebel Tools examine the predefined import object that is defined for the Contact business component. The Contact business component is defined as an Import Object and it contains fields that are defined as Import Field objects.

You cannot use client-side import with a specialized business component or specialized applet. For more information, see Class Property of a Business Component, and Siebel Object Types Reference.

To configure client-side import to update a business component field

  1. Display the object type named import object.

    For more information, see Displaying Object Types You Use to Configure Siebel CRM.

  2. Lock the project to which the business component belongs.
  3. In the Object Explorer, click Import Object.
  4. In the Import Objects list, add a new record using values from the following table.

    Business Component

    Choose the business component into which Siebel CRM must import data.

    Make sure this business component is a parent business component. Siebel CRM only supports client-side import for a parent business component.

  5. In the Object Explorer, expand the Import Object tree, and then click Import Field.
  6. In the Import Fields list, add a new record for each business component field that Siebel CRM must update.

    Note that you can also add an import field to an import object that already exists, such as Contact.

  7. Make sure the No Insert property of the applet that is defined for client-side import is False.
  8. Compile locked projects, and then test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

Siebel CRM displays the new fields in the Select a Siebel Field dialog box. You can map them to fields in the External Data Source Field dialog box when you import data.

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