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Creating Multiple Associations Between the Same Parent and Child Records

If you create a link and an intersection table to create a many-to-many relationship between a parent business component and a child business component, then Siebel CRM can only associate two business component records at one time even if the unique keys in the intersection table allow multiple associations. The link between the two business components only considers the ROW_ID values of the parent and child records that Siebel CRM requires to maintain the many-to-many relationship. This behavior is expected.

For more information, see How an Intersection Table Defines a Many-To-Many Relationship.

To create multiple associations between the same parent and child records

Using an Intersection Business Component

You can use an intersection business component to define multiple associations. An intersection business component is a type of business component that references the intersection table and a one-to-many link between the parent business component and the intersection business component. With this configuration, the child list applet or multi-value group applet references the intersection business component. To choose the child record, the user accesses a pick applet that references the child business component instead of using an association applet.

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