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Configuring a Business Component to Copy Child Records If the User Copies the Parent Record

Cascade copy is a feature on a business component that copies the child records of a business component record if the user copies a parent record. For example, if the user copies an opportunity to create a similar opportunity, then the user might require Siebel CRM to also copy the list of contacts for that opportunity.

A multi-value link that Siebel CRM uses with a multi-value field automatically copies the child records because the child records that constitute a multi-value group remain with the parent record. For example, the child account addresses, sales team, and industry list records for a parent account remain with the account. Siebel CRM uses this capability for a different purpose if cascade copy is defined for a multi-value link, and if Siebel CRM does not use the multi-value link in a multi-value field. It is not necessary to reference the multi-value link to a field in the business component. For more information, see How Siebel CRM Constructs a Multi-Value Group.

You can define cascade copy for a many-to-many relationship, where the Inter Table property of the destination link is not empty. In this situation, Siebel CRM creates new intersection table rows rather than new child business component records. Siebel CRM creates new associations rather than new records. These associations exist between the new parent and the existing child records.

NOTE:  Cascade copy might cause the values in an index to not remain unique. Therefore, if copying child records causes an index to not remain unique, then Siebel CRM cancels the copy operation.

To create a business component to copy child records if the user copies the parent record

  1. Create a multi-value link using values from the following table.

    Destination Link

    The name of the link in which the parent-child relationship is defined.

    Destination Business Component

    The name of the child business component.

    No Copy


    If the No Copy property is TRUE, then Siebel CRM disables cascade copy. However, an exception to this occurs if the corresponding field is defined as the destination field in a link. In this situation, the link automatically enters data into the field and ignores the value of the No Copy property.

  2. Implement the multi-value link you created in Step 1 in the configuration for your Siebel application.
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