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Properties of a Siebel Table

Table 80 describes properties that Siebel CRM commonly uses with a Siebel table.

Table 80. Properties That Siebel CRM Commonly Uses with a Siebel Table


The name of the table in the RDBMS.


The table type. For more information, see Table 83.

Base Table

The base table if the table is an extension table. If the table is a base table, then this property is empty. An extension table always identifies a base table.

User Name

A longer, descriptive name that helps you identify the table.


A text description of the table, such as the type of data that Siebel CRM stores in the table.


The current status of a table. Indicates if Siebel CRM can use, in the most recent version of Siebel CRM, a table from a previous version of Siebel CRM.

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