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Properties of an Index of a Siebel Table

Table 84 describes some of the properties that Siebel CRM commonly uses with an index.

Table 84. Properties That Siebel CRM Commonly Uses with an Index


Stores the name of the database index.


TRUE indicates that Siebel CRM does not allow multiple rows with the same value.

You must not define a custom unique index without assistance. For more information, see Getting Help from Oracle.


Indicates the type of index. Siebel CRM commonly uses the following types:

  • Primary Key. An index that Siebel CRM indexes on the ROW_ID column.
  • User Key. A custom index that you define. You specify the set of index columns. It must consist of a unique combination of columns.
  • Extension. An extension index that Siebel Tools creates by default if you add an index. Siebel CRM specifies the set of index columns.
  • System. A predefined index. You must not modify a predefined index.
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