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About Screens

A screen is a collection of related views:

  • The screen represents a logical grouping of views that pertain to one business function.
  • To simplify navigation, you can group views in a screen into categories.
  • All the views in a screen usually reference a single business object.

The user can access a screen through a screen tab or the Site Map. These links to each screen are defined as part of the page tab object definition, which is a child of the screen. The screen defines the default view that Siebel CRM displays if the user clicks a screen tab.

A screen includes a screen view child object type. The screen view controls the views that Siebel CRM displays in the Siebel client if the user chooses a screen tab.

NOTE:  The Site Map is limited to nonvisibility views. Siebel CRM does not display a visibility level view, such as My Accounts or My Team's Accounts, on the Site Map.

For more information, see About the Siebel Client Navigation Model and Process of Creating a Screen.

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