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About Master-Detail Views

A master-detail view is a type of view that typically includes a form applet and a list applet that displays data from two different business components. A link defines a parent-child relationship between the two business components. Siebel CRM displays the form applet above the list applet and displays one record from the parent business component. The list applet displays all of the records from the child business component that are associated with the record that is chosen in the form applet.

A view can include two list applets in a master-detail view. The records in the detail list applet are child records of the record that is currently chosen in the parent list applet. To view an example of a master-detail view, in Siebel Call Center, navigate to the Accounts screen, and then the Accounts list. Click the link in the Account Name field. Note the following:

  • Siebel CRM displays the Account Contact List Applet. It references the Contact business component.
  • Siebel CRM also displays the Account Entry Applet. It references the Account business component.
  • The view references the Account business object.
  • In the context of the Account business object, the parent-child relationship between Account and Contact references the Account/Contact link.

How Siebel CRM Constructs a Master-Detail View

Figure 27 illustrates how Siebel CRM constructs a master-detail view.

Figure 27. How Siebel CRM Constructs a Master-Detail View

Siebel CRM uses the following objects to construct a master-detail view:

  1. Master-detail view. The object definition of the view.
  2. Master applet. The form applet that displays the parent record.
  3. Detail applet. The list applet that displays the child records.
  4. Business object. The business object that the Business Object property of the view references. The business object establishes the context that determines the active link between the business components that the applets reference.
  5. Business object components. Child objects of the business object. Each business object component associates a business component to the business object.
  6. Master business component. The business component that the parent applet references.
  7. Detail business component. The business component that the detail applet references.
  8. Link. The link that specifies the parent-child relationship between the parent business component and the child business component. The Link property of the detail business object component identifies the link.
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