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About Chart Applets

A chart applet is a type of applet that graphically displays data from a business component in various formats so the user can analyze trends, compare categories, and examine other relationships in the data. You can include any data in a business component in a chart. The data in a chart applet reflects the current query for the business component. To update the chart with changes to the query, the user can click in the chart.

Figure 39 displays a chart applet in a view.

Figure 39. Opportunity Size Analysis View
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This view is named Opportunity Size Analysis. The object definition for this view in Siebel Tools is named Oppty Chart View - Opportunity Size Analysis. It includes a list and a chart applet. It lists opportunities in the list applet and aggregates them by size in the Oppty Chart Applet - Competitor Frequency Analysis chart applet. By default, the chart applet in this view displays the data in the three dimensional bar chart format. The user can choose different chart types from the Type list that Siebel CRM displays in the chart applet. To change the size of the legend for a chart applet, the user can right-click the legend, and then choose one of the menu items. For more information, see Types of Charts, and Considering Factors That Affect Chart Performance.

Example of a chart That Includes Three Axes

Figure 40 displays the Project Revenue Analysis chart, which is an example of a chart that includes three axes. In this chart, Siebel CRM does the following:

  • Plots the amount of revenue on the Y data values axis
  • Displays quarters on the X category axis
  • To identify a different project, uses each bar color for Z, series, and axis.

In a chart that contains two Y axes, the first Y-axis refers to the vertical axis on the left side of the chart, and the second Y-axis refers to the vertical axis on the right side of the chart.

Figure 40. Project Revenue Analysis Chart in Siebel Service
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Axis Terminology

Table 41 describes each axis in a chart.

Table 41. Axis Terminology
Usage in Bar Chart
Usage in Line Chart
Usage in Pie Chart



The horizontal axis, except in a horizontal bar chart, in which the X-axis is the vertical axis along the left side of the chart.

The horizontal axis.

The set of pie slice labels.


Data Values

The vertical axis, except in a horizontal bar chart, in which the Y-axis is the horizontal axis along the bottom of the chart.

The vertical axis.

The percentage of the circle that each pie slice occupies, and the corresponding numeric value.



A set of labels in the legend. In the stacked bar or cluster bar charts, each series label corresponds to a bar segment or bar of a specific color that Siebel CRM displays in each stack or cluster.

A set of labels in the legend. In a line chart, each series label in the legend corresponds to one line.

Because Siebel CRM charts only the first entry in each series, do not use a series field with a pie chart.

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