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Overview of Customizing Icons in the Siebel Client

Table 62 describes object types Siebel CRM uses to display images in the Siebel client.

Table 62. Object Types Siebel CRM Uses to Display Images
Object Type


Allows you to associate an image file, such as a GIF file or JPEG file, with a Siebel object, such as a button control or field. It fulfills the following roles:

  • Defines an image in the Siebel repository. This image can be in any format the browser supports.
  • Defines the location of the image file and other properties, such as width and height.

A bitmap includes the following properties that Siebel CRM commonly uses:

  • Height and Width. Can be set to the height and width of the image that you must display on the Web page. If these properties are set, then the Siebel Web Engine uses them as width and height properties of the img tag. This technique allows you to create bitmap objects that share the same image file but that Siebel CRM renders with different dimensions.
  • Alt Text. Can be included in the alt attribute of the image tag.

You do not use the other properties of the bitmap with a Web image. Example properties include Data and Transparent Color.

Bitmap Category

Allows you to group image files together by function. Includes the following bitmap categories:

  • Button Icons. Contains images for buttons on applets that Siebel CRM displays in the Siebel client.
  • HTML Control Icons. Contains images that Siebel CRM uses for HTML controls in the Siebel client.

    For example, the ScreenJumpTab and ViewJumpTab parameters in the InfraUIFramework section of the configuration file for the Siebel application reference HTML Control Icons for navigation controls.

HTML Hierarchy Bitmap

Allows you to display an image in a hierarchical applet, such as a tree applet.

Icon Map

Allows you to display an image for a field value. Includes the child icon object type.

How Siebel CRM Handles Image Files

Siebel CRM handles image files differently, depending on the file type:

  • Imports BMP images into the Siebel repository. Sets the File Name field of the bitmap to read-only.
  • Stores GIF and JPG files in the public\lang\images folder of your Siebel installation. The bitmap references these files. Does not store GIF and JPG files in the Siebel repository.

NOTE:  Siebel CRM only defines images that are associated with Siebel objects as bitmap objects in the Siebel repository. Example objects include icon maps, page tabs, and so forth. Siebel CRM does not associate some images in web templates, such as static images, with Siebel objects. Siebel CRM does not define these images as bitmap objects in the Siebel repository. It defines these objects in the configuration file for the Siebel application.

The Siebel Web Engine (SWE) uses the HTML img tag to render a bitmap.

Displaying Object Types You Use to Customize Icons

You must display the object types that you use to customize icons in the Siebel client.

To display object types you use to customize icons

  • Display the following object types:
    • bitmap category
    • child objects of the bitmap category
    • Icon map
    • child objects of the icon map
    • HTML hierarchy bitmap

For more information, see Displaying Object Types You Use to Configure Siebel CRM.

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