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Adding a New Toolbar Icon to a Predefined Toolbar

You can add a new toolbar icon to a predefined toolbar.

To add a new toolbar icon to a predefined toolbar

  1. In Siebel Tools, display the toolbar object type and all chill object types of the toolbar object.

    For more information, see Displaying Object Types You Use to Configure Siebel CRM.

  2. Verify that the bitmap image you must use for the toolbar icon currently exists as a child bitmap of the Command Icons bitmap category.

    If it does not exist, then create a bitmap in this bitmap category. For more information, see Overview of Customizing Icons in the Siebel Client. If it does exist, then note the name of the bitmap.

  3. Verify that the method that this toolbar icon calls currently exists.
  4. If the method that this toolbar icon calls does not exist, then do the following:
    1. Add a Siebel Visual Basic or Siebel eScript script to the PreInvokeMethod.
    2. Write an If or Case statement in the script that references MethodName. Write the instructions for that MethodName in the If or Case statement.
    3. Change the last line of PreInvokeMethod from ContinueOperation to CancelOperation.
  5. Create a new command object:
    1. In the Object Explorer, click Command.
    2. In the Commands list, add a new command.
    3. Define the required properties.

      For more information, see Properties of a Command.

  6. In the Object Explorer, click Toolbar.
  7. In the Toolbars list, locate the toolbar to which you must add the new toolbar item.
  8. In the Object Explorer, expand the Toolbar tree, and then click Toolbar Item.
  9. In the Toolbar Items list, add a new toolbar item and then define the required properties.

    You must use a button. You cannot use other types of elements, such as a combo box or label. For more information, see Properties of a Toolbar Item, and Article ID 517909.1 on My Oracle Support.

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