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About Grid Form Applet Templates

A grid template simplifies the task of creating the layout of a form applet. If you use a grid layout template, then you use a graphic interface that includes objects that you drag and drop from a palette to a work space. The grid layout applet web template, Siebel tag, and other features in the Web Layout Editor allow you to modify the layout of a form without directly modifying the underlying applet web template. For more information, see Using Grid Layout for an Applet.

You can do the following with an applet web template that uses a grid. You cannot perform these tasks with an applet web template that does not use a grid:

  • Use Siebel Tools to modify the layout of the form without having to directly modify the web template.
  • Place labels and controls independently in the applet layout. Although, labels and controls are a single object in the Siebel repository with one set of shared properties, you can manipulate them as separate items in the Web Layout Editor.
  • A template that uses a grid does not automatically compress empty space in a column.

A grid layout applet web templates uses the following Siebel tags:

  • swe:form-applet-layout
  • /swe:form-applet-layout

These tags do not use placeholder tags. Instead they serve as a single container for all controls in the main body of a form applet. These tags allow you to use the Web Layout Editor to configure the layout of form applets. You must use the Web Layout Editor to modify the layout of an applet that uses a grid applet web template.

About the Body, Header, and Footer

A grid layout applet web template includes a body, header, and footer:

  • The swe:form-applet-layout tag defines the body. It contains no placeholder tags.
  • The header and footer do use placeholder tags for buttons, such as New and Save. You cannot use the grid layout features of the Web Layout editor to edit the layout of the header or footer.
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