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About Nongrid Form Applet Templates

Predefined applet web templates that do not use a grid use placeholder tags to define the layout of the applet. You can use the Web Layout Editor in Siebel Tools to map controls to any available placeholder. You cannot use the Web Layout Editor to change the layout of the placeholders themselves. You must modify the applet web template file to change the layout of the placeholders that Siebel CRM displays in these templates.

Siebel CRM can display a form applet in any of the following modes:

  • Base
  • Edit
  • New
  • Query

Example Code of a Nongrid Form Applet Template

This topic includes example code of a nongrid form applet template. It can run in Edit, New, and Query modes. An applet that runs in Base mode is similar except it does not contain the swe:form tag. For more information, see Options to Control How the User Creates, Edits, Queries, and Deletes CRM Data.

  <swe:control id="1100">

<div class=CmdTxt>

<swe:this property="FormattedHtml" hintText="Outside Applet Help Text"/>



  <table class="AppletStyle1" width="100%" align="center">



<td colspan="2">

<swe:include file="CCTitle.swt"/>






<swe:this property="FormattedHtml"/>




<swe:for-each startValue="1301" count="10" iteratorName="currentId">

<swe:control id="swe:currentId" hintMapType="FormItem">

<tr valign="top">

<td class="scLabelRight">&nbsp;

<swe:this property="RequiredIndicator"

<swe:this property="DisplayName" hintText="Label"/>


<td class="scField">

<swe:this property="FormattedHtml" hintText="Field"/>&nbsp;







Tags Included in a Nongrid Form Applet Template

This topic describes the important tags included in a nongrid form applet template.

SWE Tag That Accepts User Input

The swe:form tag encloses a section of a page that accepts user input. It is similar to an HTML form tag. This tag includes the following important attributes:

  • htmlAttr. Must include valid attributes of the HTML form tag other than method, name, or action. Siebel CRM uses these attributes in the same way it uses the HTML form tag that it generates.
  • name. Creates an HTML form with the defined name. If the name attribute is not defined, then Siebel CRM uses an internally generated name.
SWE Tag That Specifies Placeholders for Controls

The swe:control tag specifies placeholders for controls. This tag includes the following important attributes:

  • Id. References the control for the placeholder.
  • Property. Specifies the property of the control to render. This attribute includes the following important values that are relevant for a form applet:
    • FormattedHTML. Instructs Siebel CRM to render the data value of the control.
    • DisplayName. Corresponds to the Caption property.
    • RequiredIndicator. Instructs Siebel CRM to render specific HTML if the underlying business component field is required.
SWE Tag That Handles Errors

For more information, see Customizing How Siebel CRM Displays an Error That Occurs on the Siebel Server.

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