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How Siebel CRM References Web Pages

Siebel CRM is associated with a set of templates through the properties of the application object type. Each property identifies a template to use in a given situation. For more information, see the following topics:

About the Container Page

The container page is the outermost template. It references view web templates and view web templates that reference applet templates. The container page contains markup language and Siebel Web Engine tag elements that define the Web equivalent of the application window. You can examine this logic in the CCPageContainer.swt file. The Siebel Web Engine processes the container page template, view web templates, and applet web templates.

Container Page Elements

The container page includes the following elements:

  • Markups for the top of the container page. Example markups include the corporate banner and Siebel tags for predefined queries. For example, in the Web Page Layout Editor you can view how the Queries menu label is the FavoritesLabel Web page item. For more information, see Guidelines for Modifying a Predefined Query.
  • Screen tab bar. Generated beneath container page markups as a table. The Siebel Web Engine logic that is associated with the following tags loads the screen tab bar:
    • swe:screenbar
    • swe:screenlink
    • swe:now-control
  • View bar. The Siebel Web Engine logic that is associated with the following tags loads the view bar:
    • swe:viewbar
    • swe:viewlink
    • swe:now-control

After Siebel CRM loads the container page and displays screen and view names, the screen and view names function as links in the following ways:

  • If the user clicks a screen tab, then to generate and display the view, Siebel CRM uses the template for the default view for that screen.
  • If the user clicks a view name in the view bar, then Siebel CRM loads the view web template that is defined in the object definition of the view.

The Siebel Web Engine also does the following:

  • Processes the set of tags in the view web template to incorporate applets into the page.
  • Uses the view object definition, view web templates, and applet web templates to identify the applets that Siebel CRM displays in specific sectors.
  • Obtains controls from the Siebel repository to resolve tag references to controls in each applet. Loads controls into the Web page as defined in the applet web template for the applet. The container page can contain frames to support independent update and scroll of areas of a page. For more information, see How Siebel CRM Uses HTML Frames in the Container Page.
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