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About Applications

An application is an object type that is a collection of screens. Siebel Call Center and Siebel Partner Relationship Manager are examples of an application. Although you can create a new application, it is recommended that you modify a predefined application to meet your business requirements.

The application object type defines which screens are accessible through menus and tabs. The following child objects of the application object associates screens with the Siebel application and displays screens in the Siebel client:

  • Page tab. Adds a screen to the tab bar. For more information, see Page Tab.
  • Screen menu item. Adds a screen to the Site Map.

An application object definition also includes the following items:

  • Find Objects. Configures the Find dialog box. For more information, see About Screens.
  • Server script and browser script. Can be defined as an event procedure on startup, prior to closing, and so forth. You define these scripts through an Application Script child object. You use the Script Editor to create and maintain a script. For more information, see Siebel VB Language Reference, Siebel eScript Language Reference, and Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.
  • Custom menu option for a Siebel method. Defined through the applet method menu item and created in the Applet Method Menu Item Wizard. For more information, see Applet Method Menu Item Object Type.

For more information, see Creating and Deploying an Application and How Siebel CRM References Web Pages.

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