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Providing Fulfillment Center Access to Siebel Correspondence

The fulfillment team at the fulfillment center must monitor pending fulfillment requests. Everything a requester submits is visible to the fulfillment team in the Fulfillment screen.

Fulfillment center employees fulfill the request by viewing and printing the correspondence request and including the listed enclosures. They can either print the enclosure or get a printed copy (for example, if the enclosure is a glossy brochure).

If you have Siebel Workflow, you can create a workflow to send email to the fulfillment center automatically to fulfill a new request.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up and Using Fulfillment Centers.

To provide a fulfillment center access to Siebel Correspondence

  1. Set up fulfillment center employees as Siebel Correspondence users in the same way that you set up other employees or channel partners as Siebel Correspondence users.

    For more information about setting up users of Siebel applications, see Siebel Security Guide.

  2. Give fulfillment center employees a responsibility that lets them see the Fulfillment screen.

    Use the Fulfillment Center Employee responsibility in the seed data. For more information about responsibilities, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

  3. Notify fulfillment center employees about the URL to use to view correspondence through the Web.
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