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About Siebel Deal Management

Siebel Deal Management assists users in negotiating prices for quotes and orders. Price administrators can create pricing strategies that influence the price negotiation process. When creating a quote or an order, the sales representative selects a customer account and some conditional-deal specific criteria. The sales representative then selects a pricing strategy. The pricing strategies that satisfy the account and conditional-deal specific designations are available for selection. The pricing strategy on the quote or order determines the latitude for action that the sales representative has when negotiating prices for that quote or order. If the sales representative enters a negotiated price that is lower than or equal to the price that is associated with the pricing strategy, a price exception results.

Price approvers review price exceptions. Price approvers can access Workbench from the Quotes screen to obtain more information that is relevant to pricing, and can use this information to evaluate the price exception. They use Workbench to access information about market conditions, pricing trends, deal profitability, and the history of customer performance. Price administrators can configure Workbench. For more information about using Workbench, see Siebel Deal Management Workbench User Guide.

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