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Setting Up Siebel Deal Management

About Siebel Deal Management

Process of Creating Pricing Strategies

Creating Pricing Criteria

Configuring Pricing Criteria

Defining Pricing Segments

Creating Guideline Plans

Defining Pricing Strategies

Associating Accounts with Pricing Segments

Process of Configuring Workbench

Mapping Deal Statuses to Workbench Statuses

Configuring the Price Score Calculation

Configuring Fields in Workbench

Changing Labels in Workbench

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Pricing for Deal Negotiation

About Pricing for Deal Negotiation

Creating and Pricing a Quote

Reviewing Price Exceptions for a Quote

Accessing Workbench to Assess a Quote

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Siebel Deal Management Workflows

Changed Workflows for Siebel Deal Management

Verify Header (Quote)

Verify Header (Order)

Pricing Procedure - Calculate Net Price

New Workflows for Siebel Deal Management

Deal Mgmt PSP Driver Workflow Process

Dynamic Pricing Procedure - Deal Management

Get Ceiling Price List

Get Cost List Price

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