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Verify Header (Order)

The Verify Header (Order) workflow, shown in Figure 2, is used to verify an order, verify a promotion, and verify the line items of an order. It displays promotion violations, data validation rule violations, and complex product violations.

This workflow is called when the user clicks the Verify button in an order header or selects Verify from the menu of the order line item applet. For more information about the other workflows that this workflow calls, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

Figure 2. Verify Header (Order) Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Verify Promotion. Calls the ISS Promotion Verify SubProcess workflow to verify promotion status.
  2. Decision Point: 42-50G6L. Determines if a commitment for the promotion is broken.
  3. Data Validation. If no commitment is broken, calls the ISS Validation (Order) workflow to verify data validation rules.
  4. Validate CP All. Calls the VORD Validate Complex Product All (Order) workflow to validate all complex products under the order.
  5. Deal Mgmt Violation. Calls the GetDealMgmtViolationText business service method and passes the violation messages for orders to the next step.
  6. Display Messages. Displays all messages generated by the previous steps.
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