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Pricing Procedure - Calculate Net Price

The Pricing Procedure - Calculate Net Price workflow, shown in Figure 3, is responsible for the net price calculation, which takes into account the volume discount, aggregate discount sequence, product promotion, manual adjustment, and minimum-maximum price bound checks.

For more information about this workflow, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

Figure 3. Pricing Procedure - Calculate Net Price Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Shows the invoice price before the adjustment.
  2. Initializes the net price value as the start price value.
  3. Moves those rows with the Exclude Pricing flag set to the Keep Price Row Set row set. This workflow step skips all the system-generated discounts in the procedure.
  4. Queries the FS Product Price Item Details business component for any pricing adjustment for a covered asset service.
  5. Evaluates simple and tiered volume discount. This step also populates the next discount and upsell message for upsell purposes.
  6. Applies the account type adjustment.
  7. Applies the best available contract discount for this account or any parent account.
  8. Evaluates product promotion discounts.
  9. Calls the Pricing Procedure - Bundle Discount subprocess to evaluate the aggregate discount sequence.
  10. Checks if the current net price is within the boundary of the minimum and maximum price.
  11. Merges the priced line items and the line items without prices.
  12. Applies a manual adjustment (discount amount, discount percentage, discount price and header discount percentage).
  13. Sets the pricing adjustment that indicates the total amount of system-generated discount accounts.
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