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Defining Pricing Segments

Pricing segments represent groups of customer accounts. These groups are based on the common buying and purchasing behavior of the customers in the group. Similar pricing policies apply to the customer accounts in a pricing segment. Although a customer account can apply to more than one pricing segment, you must associate each customer account with only one pricing segment. For more information, see Associating Accounts with Pricing Segments.

When you define pricing segments, you select an available value for each of the criteria with a value of Primary in the Criteria Category field on the Administration - Deal Management screen > Profile Framework view. Although pricing segment definitions can designate some of the same customer accounts, each pricing segment definition must designate a unique set of customer accounts. You select a pricing segment and other elements when you define a pricing strategy.

NOTE:  After the pricing strategy that contains a pricing segment is associated with quotes and orders, do not change the data in that pricing segment. If you change this data, the pricing policies for open quotes and orders might change. Instead of changing this data, you can copy and modify the pricing segment, and include the new pricing segment in a new pricing strategy. Sales representatives then select the new pricing strategy in the new quotes and orders.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Pricing Strategies.

To create pricing segments

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Deal Management screen > Pricing Segments view.

    The Pricing Segments list appears, and the primary criterion fields display as field headings in the list.

  2. Create a new pricing segment, and complete the fields as appropriate:
    1. Enter the name of the pricing segment in the Name field.
    2. Select a value for each of the primary criterion fields.

      You can exclude a primary criterion field from a pricing segment by selecting no value for that field. When you select no value, all the values in the primary criterion field are included in the pricing segment, so the primary criterion field does not determine the specific customers who are included in the pricing segment.

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