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Impact of Service Failures

This topic is part of How Service Failures Affect the Siebel Deployment.

Table 5 summarizes the impact of failure of services in the Siebel deployment. The table includes information on specific services not already covered.

Table 5. How Service Failures Affect the Siebel Deployment
Service Failed
Affected Component

Siebel Gateway Name Server

Siebel Server components

You cannot start or add any new components.

Users can continue to log in and out of Siebel applications. Existing user sessions are not interrupted. Server requests will continue to be processed successfully. Exceptions are listed below.

Server administration functions


Siebel Product Configuration Object Manager

You can still launch product configuration sessions, as long as the connection information has been cached. By default, the connection information is cached when the first connection is made.

Gateway Name Server database (siebns.dat)

This database maintains server configuration information for the Siebel Enterprise Server. If this database is corrupted or lost, you must reinstall all Siebel Enterprise Server software.

Siebel Server

AOM components

The Siebel application is unavailable.

Siebel Connection Broker (SCBroker) failure: You cannot create new user sessions. If the SISNAPI connection between the Web server and the Object Manager fails, SWSE will retry the connection. If after a certain number of attempts the connection is still not available, the connection will completely fail and the user gets an error message.

Existing user sessions are unaffected by SCBroker failures.


Interface to external application unavailable.

Batch components

Loss of functionality (components such as Assignment Manager or Workflow unable to process server requests).

Siebel File System





Shared user preference files


Docking transaction files from EIM


Email Response

Unable to process inbound messages. Unable to send outbound messages with attachments.

File System Manager (FSM)

Components that access the FSM

Current requests fail.



Web server

Siebel Web Clients accessing Application Object Managers (AOMs)

The Siebel application is unavailable to Web Clients. Mobile Web Clients are unaffected.

EAI inbound HTTP adapter


Siebel Database

Client access, background tasks, batch tasks

Unable to access Siebel Business Applications. Siebel Servers cannot function. Only the Mobile Web Client is not immediately affected by a Siebel Database failure.

Batch and interactive components


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