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Testing Changes

When you have compiled objects into a new repository file, you can see the results of your changes in the client application. Typically developers set up a Mobile Web Client on their machine to use for testing and point the Web Client to the repository file that has been recompiled with configuration changes.

NOTE:  Make sure the correct SRF file—the one you compiled your changes to—is defined for the application to test. You can check this by verifying the value of the repository file parameter in the application's configuration file.

This type of testing is considered to be Unit Testing, which is one element of an overall testing strategy.

Registering New Views in the Application

When you add a new view to an application, you must make it visible in the client application before you can test it. You do this by registering the new view in the application using Administration - Application > Views and then associating it to a responsibility.

If you are working with existing views, these steps are not necessary. The views are already registered in the application.

To register new views in the application

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Application > Views.

    The View list appears.

  2. Click the menu button and then choose New Record.
  3. In the View Name field click the select button.

    The View picklist appears.

  4. Choose a view and then click OK.
  5. Enter a description and select whether the view is to be available for local access in the Mobile Web Client.
  6. Save the record.

To associate views with a responsibility

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities.

    The Responsibilities list appears.

  2. In the Responsibilities list, select the Responsibility to which to associate the view.

    NOTE:  You cannot edit the responsibilities that are part of the seed data that ships with the product. You must create a new responsibility to be able to associate new views to it. You can copy one of the sample responsibilities, such as Siebel Administrator, and then customize it for your purposes.

  3. In the Views list, click the menu button and then choose New Record.
  4. From the Add Views dialog box select a view.

    The view is associated with the responsibility. When a user with the responsibility logs into the application, the view appears in the user interface.

Verifying Your Changes

After you have made any new views available in the application, you can log in to your Web Client application to verify the results of your configuration changes.

To verify your changes

  1. Start your client application.
  2. Navigate to the objects you modified.

    For example, if you added a new applet to a view, go to the view to make sure the applet appears where it is supposed to.

  3. Note any differences between what you find and the expected appearance or behavior.
  4. If you find problems, repeat the following cycle:
    1. Return to Siebel Tools to make configuration changes necessary to fix the problem.
    2. Compile the project.
    3. Test the changes.
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