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Checking In Projects

After you confirm completion of your configuration changes, you need to check the project back into the development server. Here are some guidelines for checking in projects.

  • Test objects before you check them in.
  • Validate projects using the Validate button in the Check-In dialog box.
  • Check in dependent projects at the same time to make sure the configuration on the server remains consistent.
  • Keep in mind that the work of other developers may depend on the objects you are configuring. In some cases, this may require you to check in projects before your work is complete because other developers may be dependent on a feature you have added to your project.

For overview information about the development environment, read About the Local Development Environment.

To check in changes

  1. Choose Tools > Check In.

    The Check In dialog box appears, as shown in the following illustration.

    Click for full size image
  2. Click Options.

    The Development Tools Options dialog box appears.

  3. As you did during check-out, make sure the server and client Data Sources are pointing to the correct databases.
  4. Close the Development Tools Options dialog box.
  5. Click the Locked/New Projects option button.
  6. Click Check In.
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