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About Applets and Applet Web Templates

Applets are rendered in the user interface by combining objects definitions stored in the Siebel repository with layout and formatting information contained in applet Web templates. Objects such as controls and list columns are mapped to placeholders in Web templates. At run time, the Siebel Web Engine creates these objects, places them in the appropriate spot in the Web template, retrieves the relevant data from the Siebel database, and uses the HTML contained in the Web template to display the applet in the user interface.

Modifying or creating applets is primarily done in Siebel Tools. Tasks include defining object properties in the Object List Editor and mapping controls to placeholders in Web templates using the Web Layout editor. However, you may also want to change style aspects of an applet, such as the color scheme, in which case you work with an external cascading style sheet (read Getting Started in the User Interface Layer). Most of the time, you do not need to modify Web templates themselves.

For more information about Web templates, read Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

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