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NREC's Business Requirements

Two applets appear on NREC's Activities view: Activity List Applet and the Activity Detail Applet. These applets need to be modified to meet NREC's business requirements. The business requirements and related tasks are listed below.

  • To enhance usability NREC requires that unnecessary fields be removed from the user interface. Additionally they require that the fields appear in a particular order. You will remove fields such as Associated Cost, Campaign, and Fund Request, and reorder the remaining fields based on NREC's design. Read Removing Fields (List Columns and Controls) from the User Interface.
  • Partner agents need to have the ability to track which opportunity is associated with each activity. This functionality is not available in the preconfigured application. Therefore, you must add the opportunity field to both applets. Read Exposing Fields in the User Interface.

These tasks are in the user interface layer of the Siebel Object Model. No work is required in the underlying business object layer or data object layer. The tasks in this section give you some hands-on practice configuring applets.

The design team prepared a view mock-up, shown in Figure 15, that shows what the view and applets will look like after they are complete.

Figure 15. Activity Detail View Mock-up
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