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How Changes Are Propagated To and From a Mobile Web Client

Between synchronization sessions, the Siebel Remote server prepares transactions applied to the database server by both mobile and connected users. Siebel Server components write the transactions to a separate directory for each mobile user, such as Chris Strong. These transactions, combined with items from the file system, are downloaded to Chris during the next synchronization session. Items from the file system include updated, published, or requested marketing literature, correspondence templates, and other types of file attachments.

A similar process occurs on Chris's laptop as well, although without the server component.

Process Flow for Changes by Connected Users

This section describes the process flow for downloading changes on the server database to local databases, such as Chris's. The flow begins from the time a connected user creates a new opportunity until it appears in Chris's local database.

This specific process flow includes an example of a telesales representative in a Call Center. The telesales representative talks to potential customers responding to a new NREC advertising campaign.

The telesales representative decides to create a new opportunity record for one of the more promising responses. The figure below illustrates this flow and includes the following groups of steps.

  1. The telesales representative creates a new opportunity record—a transaction saved in the opportunities table on the server database. A copy is saved to the master transaction log.
  2. A mobile user invokes a synchronization session from the laptop.

    The mobile user can use the Siebel client while the Siebel Remote client applies the changes to the local database, as shown in Figure 45.

    Figure 45. Process Flow for Changes by Connected Users
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    CAUTION:  Users must never directly modify the local transaction log. The Siebel Remote synchronization client automatically purges the local transaction log table.

For more information about process flow for changes by connected users, read Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

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