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Creating Rules

Personalization rules control how content is targeted to users. There are three types of business rules: Business Service, Expression, or Invoke Method. For the NREC example, you write an Expression personalization rule.

Expression rules use Siebel Query Language to set the parameters that control the content displayed to users. In this case, the expression specifies that when displaying records from the Internal Product business component only show those records that have a ZIP Code field that matches the user's Postal Code attribute. The logic expressed in Siebel Query Language is:

[Zip Code] = GetProfileAttr('Me.Org.Postal Code')

NOTE:  ZIP Code is a field that you added to the Internal Products business component in Configuring the Internal Product Business Component.

For more information about other types of personalization rules and Siebel Query Language, read Siebel Personalization Administration Guide.

To create a rule

  1. In a Siebel employee application, navigate to Administration - Personalization >
    Rule Sets.
  2. In the Rule Sets list, choose the NREC House Filter rule set that you created as described in Creating Rule Sets.
  3. In the Rules list, enter a new record using the values as shown in the following table.


    NREC House Filter

    Choose a name that suggests the purpose of the rule.



    Required. Enter numbers in this field to set the order in which the rules are evaluated.

    Rule Type


    Evaluates inclusion and exclusion expressions directly.



    Check the box to use the rule.

    Include Expression

    [ZIP Code] = GetProfileAttr('Me.Org.Postal Code')

    Used with the Expressions rule type. An expression that sets parameters to include content.

    NOTE:  You can type the expression directly into the Include Expression field or you can click the select button to invoke the Expression Designer. The Expression Designer provides you with a drag-and-drop interface for writing complex expressions. For instructions on using the Expression designer to enter the Include Expression for this example, read Using the Expression Designer.

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