This chapter describes the steps for using Siebel Personalization to create a simple business rule that filters NREC's list of houses. The filter is based on the ZIP Code value of the house record and the user's Postal Code profile attribute. When a partner real estate agent logs in to NREC's application, the agent can access only the houses in the House Detail view that are in the same ZIP Code as is defined on the user's profile.

NOTE:  ZIP Code is a field that you added to the Internal Products business component in Configuring the House Detail View.

The tasks in this chapter are performed using administration views available in the Siebel Web Client. Like Siebel Workflow and Siebel Assignment Manager, Siebel Personalization provides you with another way to customize the business logic of your application without having to work in Siebel Tools and recompile an SRF file.

This chapter includes the following topics:

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