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Personalization rules can be tested in a staging environment before being used in the production environment. This is done in the Test view under Administration - Personalization.

NOTE:  For the current example, use the House Detail view in your configured application to enter a few house records. Be sure to enter records with several different ZIP Codes. You will define one of these values as a profile attribute when you test. Only records with that ZIP Code appear. For information about the House Detail View, read Configuring the House Detail View.

To test personalization rules

  1. In a Siebel employee application, navigate to Administration - Personalization > Test.

    The Test view appears.

  2. Enter a Primary User Login and Primary User Password.

    This is the user name and password of the user to use to test the personalization rules.

    For example, to test NREC's personalization rule, use SADMIN and SADMIN.

  3. In the Test Application field, enter the command string for the Mobile Web Client.

    NOTE:  You can right-click your program icon, choose Properties, and then copy and paste the command string from the Target field into the Test Application field. You may have to add the data source using the /d switch.

    /c "C:\<Siebel_install_dir>\bin\ENU\ <config_file>.cfg"
    /d <data_source>


    • <Siebel_install_dir> is the full path to the client installation directory
    • <config_file> is the application configuration file, for example, uagent.cfg for Siebel Call Center and siebel for Siebel Sales
    • <data_source> is the database to which to connect: Local, Sample, or ServerDataSrc

      For example:

    C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.7\client\BIN\siebel.exe
    /c "C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.7\client\BIN\ENU\scw.cfg"
    /d Sample

    NOTE:  You can also enter the URL for a Siebel Web Client. For example, http://<machine_name>/eChannel. When testing using the Siebel Web Client, the Test Mode dialog box appears after you complete Step 6 with instructions about how to launch a new instance of the application. For more information, read Siebel Personalization Administration Guide.

  4. Click Load.

    The persistent user profile attributes of the primary user are loaded in the Primary User Attributes list with a Me. prefix.

    Person-related attributes have the value Person in the Source field. Organization-related attributes have the value Organization.

  5. Select the Me.Org.Postal Code primary user attribute and enter a value.

    For example, enter 94121.

  6. Click Test.

    A new instance of the specified application opens. For the current example, a new instance of Siebel Partner Portal opens.

  7. Navigate to the House Detail view and test the results.

    Only records that have a ZIP Code value of 94121 appear.

  8. To save the test setup, click Save in the test view.

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