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Creating Drilldowns

Using drilldowns, users can click a field and display another view that has more information about the field. Fields with drilldowns appear as hyperlinks in the user interface. For example, when you click on the Name field in the Opportunity List Applet, you drill down to the Opportunity Detail - Contacts view as shown in Figure 23.

Figure 23. Drilldown Example
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Drilldowns can be either static or dynamic. A static drilldown always takes the user to the same view. A dynamic drilldown can take the user different views depending on certain conditions, such as the value of a field.

You configure drilldowns in Siebel Tools. The Drilldown object type is a child object of the Applet object type. It defines the field on which the drilldown behavior is to be implemented and the view that appears when the user clicks the field. For example, the drilldown object definition for the Name field of the Opportunity List applet as shown in Figure 24.

Figure 24. Static Drilldown
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