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Required Application Administration Tasks

This chapter describes how NREC completed the general setup tasks in the Test environment. This chapter assumes a successful installation of Siebel products in the Test environment. For an overview of NREC's installation process, read Installing Siebel Applications.

The tasks in this chapter are performed in the administration views of the Siebel Web client or dedicated Web client. Assume NREC accessed the views by logging on to the Partner Manger application. The same views are accessible through other employee applications, such as Call Center. Although the tasks in this chapter are written from the perspective of an NREC employee setting up the application in the test environment, you can follow along using an application logged on to the Sample database.

This chapter includes the following topics:

NOTE:  Generally, always perform administration tasks against the server database. Although you can perform these tasks against your local database and synchronize, there is the potential for error, including data conflicts, performance problems resulting from a large local database, and large numbers of transactions to route.

The tasks in this chapter do not cover Access Groups and Catalogs, which control access to master data. Because NREC did not use Access Groups or Catalogs in their implementation, the tasks for setting them up are not covered in this chapter. For more information about setting up Access Groups and Catalogs, read Siebel Applications Administration Guide and Siebel Security Guide.

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