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Defining Views

Often developers add views during the configuration stage of the implementation process. For the new views to appear in the user interface you need to register them in the application. You did this during the development cycle, to unit test the new views (read Testing Changes). However, you registered the views in your local development environment; now you need to register them in the test environment.

Use Administration - Application > Views to register new views. You must do this before you can associate views with responsibilities.

NOTE:  Turn off any of the forecast views that you do not intend to use based on your organization's forecasting configuration decision.

To register new views

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Application > Views.
  2. Add records for the new views.

    For example, new views for the NREC example, are:

    • House Detail View
    • House Detail - Appraisals
    • House Detail - Renovations

NOTE:  You generally do not need to modify or delete records for registered views. A view record requires modification only if its name is changed. The only time a view may need to be deleted is if it no longer existed or if you did not want anyone to have access to it. Even then, a preferable approach is to not assign it to any responsibilities.

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