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Defining Responsibilities

Responsibilities determine which views users can access. For example, the Siebel Administrator responsibility allows access to all views. Defining responsibilities lets you limit user access to views and, therefore, to your Siebel application's information and functions.

Define responsibilities that correspond to the major job functions in your organization. For example, you might create responsibilities for NREC CEO, sales manager, partner manager, field sales representatives, and so on.

  • In the NREC example The Real Estate Agent responsibility might have a select set of views in Siebel Sales, such as Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Activities, and so on.
  • The sales manager responsibility might have access to the same screens as the sales representative, plus additional views.
  • The CEO responsibility might have access to all views except applications administration.

To define a responsibility, you must specify which views are available to that responsibility. You may prefer to copy the sample responsibilities that ship with your Siebel application and then customize them for your purposes.

NOTE:  You cannot edit sample responsibilities.

Grant access to the System Preferences view to only a select group of administrators. System preferences control server logic and processing. Therefore, do not give end users access to the System Preferences view.

Do not add Administration - Applications screens to responsibilities associated with end users. Likewise, limit access to the Employees, Master Forecasts, Mobile Clients, Responsibilities, Views, and Territories screens. The work performed using these screens has far-reaching implications for the entire application.

You may want to hide the license key view to discourage unauthorized users from attempting to change license keys. You can do this using the License Keys view in the Administration - Applications screen. To hide the license key view, disable the Siebel License Key view in the user's responsibility.

NREC created new views during the development cycle and then registered the views in the application. Now NREC must add these views to the responsibilities that need to have access to them.

NOTE:  Add all new views to the administrator responsibility, because the people with this responsibility typically help troubleshoot the Siebel application.

To copy an existing responsibility

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities.

    The Responsibility view appears.

  2. Select a responsibility to copy.

    NOTE:  You cannot edit the sample responsibilities. You must copy them before you can modify them.

  3. Click the menu button and then choose Copy Record.

    The views for the existing responsibility are copied, but the users are not.

  4. Add any other desired views to the responsibility.

    For the NREC example, add the following views.

    • House Detail View
    • House Detail - Appraisals
    • House Detail - Renovations
  5. Enter a new name for the responsibility, such as NREC Partner Real Estate Agent.
  6. Enter a new description for the responsibility so that you can later identify its function.
  7. Select an organization for the responsibility.

    By default, the Responsibility view shows all responsibilities, regardless of organization. However, you may want to configure new views in Siebel Tools that restrict the visibility to responsibilities as a way to delegate administration of responsibilities. For more information on configuring views, read Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

Now you must set up your users, so they can be assigned responsibilities. Without responsibilities, a user cannot use the Siebel application.

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