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Setting Up Organizations and Organization Skills

Setting up organizations is an optional step in an implementation. If you do not set up additional organizations, you automatically have everything assigned to a default organization. Having one organization is like having no organization. There is no effect on visibility and data access.

Because NREC is using Partner Portal, it sets up one parent organization called NREC and then a child organization for each of its partner real estate agencies. This structure lets NREC to logically group these different user groups and partition data accordingly.

Initially NREC creates the NREC organization. Then after the rest of the company structure is set up—positions, responsibilities, and so on—NREC uses Siebel Partner Manager to set up partners and promote them to organizations with NREC as the parent organization. Read Registering Partners and Creating Partner Organizations.

For more information on organizations and company structure, read Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

To set up an organization

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Group > Organizations.

    The Organizations view appears.

  2. Add a new record.

    Some fields are listed in the following table.



    NREC Organization

    Unique name for the organization. Using the word organization in the name provides a visual clue for users.

    Partner Manager Position


    Used for Partner Portal to represent the person in the organization who manages the relationship with partners. For more information, read Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

    Partner Flag


    Indicates whether the organization represents an external enterprise.

    NOTE:  Organizations cannot be deleted.

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