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Sample Directory Tree After Running Database Extract

Each registered mobile Web client requires a separate directory on the Siebel Remote server. The Database Extract program creates the appropriate directories for each mobile Web client.

NOTE:  The installation program also places a directory named txnproc in the docking directory within the Siebel server root directory. Do not modify the contents of this directory under any circumstances.

The following example shows a portion of the server directory tree after you run Database Extract for mobile Web clients (and developers) named PADAMS and SSCOTT.


Running the Database Extract task creates a database snapshot for a given user, which consists of multiple files. These files contain the data required to initialize the user's local client database, and are placed in the directory serversiebel_srvr_root\docking\user\outbox. Each mobile user downloads these files to create a local database and local file system (copies of literature files).

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